Congo Tour

Geography of Democratic of Congo

Congo is located in the central-western part of sub-Saharan Africa, along the Equator. To the south and east of it is the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also bounded by Gabon to the west, Cameroon and the Central African Republic to the north, and Cabinda (Angola) to the southwest. It has a short Atlantic coast.
The capital, Brazzaville, is located on the Congo River, in the south of the country, immediately across from Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The southwest of the country is a coastal plain for which the primary drainage is the Kouilou-Niari River; the interior of the country consists of a central plateau between two basins to the south and north. Forests are under increasing exploitation pressure.
Since the country is located on the Equator, the climate is consistent year-round, with the average day temperature being a humid 24 °C (75 °F) and nights generally between 16 °C (61 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F). The average yearly rainfall ranges from 1,100 millimetres (43 in) in south in the Niari valley to over 2,000 millimetres (79 in) in central parts of the country. The dry season is from June to August while in the majority of the country the wet season has two rainfall maxima: one in March–May and another in September–November.
In 2006–07, researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society studied gorillas in heavily forested regions centered on the Ouesso district of the Sangha Region. They suggest a population on the order of 125,000 Western Lowland Gorillas, whose isolation from humans has been largely preserved by inhospitable swamps.
2-Day Gorilla Trekking
Day1: Arrive in Gisenyi, Rwanda, and transfer to Goma, DRC. Start Goma city tour and check in to your hotel.
Day2: Have an early breakfast and transfer to Rumangabo park station in Virunga National Park. After a briefing with park rangers, on how you will behave during Gorilla trekking, trek afterwards, here you will spend 1hours with gorilla family then back and transfer to hotel.
4-Day Gorilla Trekking and Nyiragongo Volcano Hike
Day 1 and 2: Same as 2-Day Gorilla Trekking.
Day 3: After an early breakfast, transfer to Nyiragongo Volcano trail head in Virunga National Park. Staring at 8:00 am, hike for approximately 6 hrs making to the crater rim. Have the whole evening to enjoy the view from the crater and watch the lava inside. Overnight in tents at the rim of the giant crater high above the active lava lake.
Day 4: Eat breakfast and begin descent by 7 or 8 am. Arrive at the trail head before lunch and transfer back to hotel for relaxing afternoon.
Climbing Nyiragongo in the Congo
Day 1 – Enjoy a beautiful drive through the land of a thousand hills to reach Gisenyi the largest port on Lake Kivu. After lunch clear customs at the boarder crossing and enter the Democratic Republic of Congo. Overnight Goma.
Day 2 – Today is the real adventure when you spend a day hiking the live volcano Nyiragongo.  The 4-5 hour hike through lush rainforest takes you to the spot where the volcano erupted in 2002. Overnight Goma.
Day 3 - The city tour today gives you an insight in to the impact of the 2002 eruption that left Goma resembling a modern day Pompeii with cars and houses trapped in the lava flow. Return to Rwanda in the afternoon where the tour ends. Overnight Gisenyi.
Essential equipment:
Walking boots and poles, waterproof clothing, backpack.
A visa is required and can be obtained at the border for a fee of $35.