About Us


We are a Rwandan owned company. We have experience in the travel and tourism industry in countries. But the intimate knowledge of our country, Rwanda, is what makes the difference on the ground.
We are at the forefront of tourism revival in Rwanda and are totally committed to preservation and conservation. We realize that you, the traveler, are part and parcel of the conservation of its natural treasures.
We have a passion for our Paradise country that we want to share with the world


Our first interest is to make your stay an unforgettable one. The knowledge of the deep inside of Rwanda which is a result of many years of experience, together with our love for our country, make us be sure that you will enjoy every moment you spend with us.
Through our activities we support the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of cultural assets. Furthermore, we aim at contributing to the sustainable development of local populations by sharing economic benefits, and by helping to nurture a sense of pride and awareness that someone cares.