Bird Watching

Rwanda is one of Africa's best destinations for bird watching. Rwanda has recorded about 650 species of birds 44 of which can only be found in Rwanda. These include many of the sought-after Albertine Rift Endemic ('ARE's) and some of West Africa's forest specials which reach their eastern most limits in Rwanda.












The Shoe Bill, the Purple-bleasted Sunbird, the Rwenzori Turaco, the Red-faced Barbet, the Little Bee Eater, the Rockefeller's Sunbird, Collared Apalis, and Fraser's Eagle Owl are some of the most sought after birds that are readily available to the eye of anyone visiting any of Rwanda's national parks; Akagera, Volcanoes and Nyungwe. At Virunga expedition tour , we have come up with some selected tours for those interested in bird watching. These birding trips will enable you to see a select band of localised rarities which, currently, may be seen (safely) only in Rwanda. Our bird watching Virunga can be tailored to include other activities such as gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking.